Modern Closets

Modern Closets is an authorized dealer for Windquest's ORG (The beginning of organization): custom, high quality, efficient, storage systems for your closets, pantry and laundry room.
ORG Closet components are ...

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Spacious       Versatile       Practical
Each closet is designed around your needs and preferences. Shelves, drawers, hanging areas and other accessories work together to maximize capacity and as much as double the amount of usable storage spaces.

Accessible       Unique       Organized
When it's time for dinner, a custom pantry comes in handy for one-stop shopping. Our designs will keep everything within easy reach, even bulky items that don't fit into traditional pantries.

Tidy       Convenient       Clean
Customized laundry storage solutions offer a smarter way for getting the laundry done. Combine open shelf space, baskets, doors, and rods for an efficient laundry.

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